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Guidelines For Writing An Introduction For An Argumentative Essay

In every written academic paper, the way the introduction is creatively crafted goes a long way to determine how the target readers would react to the paper. For that argumentative essay you are warming up to write, it is important that you know some of the guidelines that would help you write a compelling introduction for your paper.They are as follows:

  • Go Through Samples: Before you commence writing the introduction of your argumentative paper, it is important that you take a while to look at samples of introductions written by other students. You should concentrate mainly on argumentative papers and where possible, topics that are close to your argumentative essay topic.
  • Write The Introduction Last: It might sound weird to you but yes, it injects more authority into your paper’s introduction when you write it last. This means that you should complete the body paragraphs before you start writing the introduction. The rationale behind this is that with the content of the paper, you can then have solid information on which to base your paper’s introduction.
  • Keep The Introduction Short: Even though it is necessary that you give your target readers insight into what your argumentative essay is about, it does not mean you should make your introduction unnecessarily long. Keeping it short and straight to the point is a way of telling your readers that you are in total control but the reverse would be the case if you go on to write long and boring introduction.
  • Be Clear: Yes, it is an argumentative paper and you are expected to have a particular viewpoint that you are in support of. Do not beat about the bush in letting your readers know where you stand – be clear in letting them know your viewpoint and they would then be interested in reading the body paragraphs to understand why you are taking that stand.

With these guidelines, you can then see that you need not be a professional before you can write an interesting and informative introduction for your argumentative essay. When you get it right, you will make a great impression on the minds of your readers, including your tutor. Make sure to check your paper for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors before submission.



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