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How to create a perfect school essay in a few hours

essay topicsWhen you have just a few hours to write an essay you may begin to panic. Don’t worry this is not as difficult as you think. While the process will take some time, you can break it down into a few steps you can remember along the way. This will help you focus on main areas of the writing process you want to be sure you finish to the best of your ability. The following points provide basic insight on how you can complete your school essay in as little as a few hours.

Gather Essential Information about Your Topic

Since you have a short amount of time writing your paper you can get your details together quickly. This means you need to conduct any essential research necessary and start taking notes. Gather as much information as possible to help with your essay. As you collect information think about where it may appear in your work and how it relates to your thesis.

Some students take this time to define a thesis statement based on additional information they learn about their topic. It may be easier to use the internet to get information. Depending on the topic you may have enough information based on what you know. As you collect data use a notebook or notecards to help you record your findings.


Organize Content with an Outline

You can use an outline as you research your topic, but the option is up to you. You can use the outline to help place your information in structured order. This will really help speed up the writing process. The outline will break up the body of the essay into smaller portions. This means you will use your findings to help you write your paper as you go. You can include information that is actually talking points and evidence. As you collect information your outline will take shape. When you are ready to start writing you can choose which section to write first based on how much information you have.

Write Rough Draft Based on Your Outline

Your outline has practically done the work for you as far as structure and organization of information. You can start writing your thoughts and ideas and turn them into complete sentences and paragraphs. This is the difference between a rough draft and your outline. The outline is considered the skeleton of the essay. Your draft will add more information to make it complete. Yet, you will review your rough draft several times, which is recommended. You will then finalize details and make sure you have enough supporting evidence for your main idea.


Read Over What You Wrote and Make Changes Accordingly

Your rough draft may have gone through a few cosmetic changes. You may have found some information you decide to omit or provide more details for clarification. At this point your paper may be close to getting done. You should finalize information and make sure errors and mistakes are found. Revise your work and read over it once more before submission.

Additional Details to Help Write an Essay Quickly

Try to write when you know you will experience little or no interruptions. Try to eat something before getting started to help you focus. Write down your basic outline of what your essay will consist of before you research your topic. Think about steps you will take to get your work done as soon as possible. You will want to write your paper in a concise manner while trying to reduce the number of possible errors. Make time for revising and proofreading.



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