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Offbeat Ideas You Can Use In Your Compare And Contrast Essay

Many students are assigned compare and contrast essays in schools and universities. The first thing that should be done is coming up with an interesting and offbeat topic for the essay. The following ideas might help start you off.

Topics for your Compare and Contrast Essay

  • Germany and the Soviet Union in the Second World War.
  • Come up with the differences and similarities in the social and political life of the two of the most important participants in this conflict.

  • Mozart and Haydn.
  • Compare the heritage of these great composers.

  • Newton and Einstein.
  • Draw attention to the utmost significance of the two men’s discoveries and to how they changed the world.

  • Music and Literature.
  • Point out the differences in how music and literature influence the modern world.

  • Cats and Dogs.
  • These two kinds of pets are arguably the most popular in the world. Describe the difference in their behavior and in how they are perceived by their owners.

  • Authoritarianism and Democracy.
  • Make it clear what points make these systems of governance incompatible.

  • Sugar and Salt.
  • Determine how these most popular spices change the taste of food.

  • Marriage and civil union.
  • Mention both the advantages and disadvantages couples have depending on what status their relationship has.

  • Shakespeare and Goethe.
  • Compare the heritage these great men left and its influence on modern poets.

  • Renewables and traditional energy sources.
  • Analyze why the popularity of renewables is comparatively low and why we are still far from abandoning traditional energy sources completely.

  • Electronic and paper books.
  • Figure out what the positive and negative points of electronic and traditional books are.

  • Living in the country and in a city.
  • Make your work revolve around the upsides and downsides of living in a small community and a huge city.

  • Abortion and murder.
  • Present your point of view regarding the legal and moral aspects of these actions.

  • Communism and Capitalism.
  • Draw the reader’s attention to the most important differences of these economic systems and express your opinion on why both of them have their supporters and opponents.

  • The US President and the German Chancellor.
  • Compare the powers of the leaders of the US and Germany.

  • Online and traditional shopping.
  • Think of the times you bought everything in traditional shops and number the improvements online marketing has brought to our lives.

  • Gas and diesel cars.
  • If you are tech-savvy, you might pick this topic as well. Both types of engines found millions of adherents all over the world. Try to figure out in your essay why diesels are mostly used in Europe, while Americans prefer gas.



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