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How to Come Up With a Decent Essay Question on Macbeth?

The tragedy of Macbeth depicts the psychological and physical effects of abuse of power. It has different themes such as tragedy of character, moral order, witchcraft, evil and superstition. If requested to come up with an essay question on the play, you should consider the following tips:

Find a unique question

It is easier to get to settle for questions on obvious themes such as evil and tragedy of moral standing. However, it is possible that you audience has already viewed such papers in the past and may not be willing to read then any more. For this reason, find questions that explore some of these themes in a new way. At the same time, ensure that you can find answers to the questions so that you do not waste your time unnecessarily.

Investigate a specific component

As you research, do not be caught up in the process of trying to cover everything in the tragedy of Macbeth. Instead, focus on a specific component of the entire play and expound on it. For instance, if you are covering the theme of evil, you may want to ask a question of how a character in the play depicts such a theme.

Be familiar with what has been established in the past

You will easily come up with an essay question if you understand the whole play and some of the questions that have guided researchers in the past; you will also be in a position to come up with a unique query that enables you to stand out from the crowd of writers.

Be ready to revise your question as you research

To avoid being neither too narrow nor too broad, re-examine a question as many times as possible. If anything, as research is conducted new ideas on the question will emerge. You must, however, avoid revising the question overly to avoid losing the original idea.

Some of the questions on Macbeth that you can explore are:

  1. What are some of the characteristics that invalidate the legality of absolute authority?
  2. What can we learn from the kingship depicted by Duncan?
  3. What specific issues make Macbeth a tyrant?
  4. What is the role of Macbeth’s ambitions in the play?
  5. How is the relationship between gender and power portrayed in Macbeth?
  6. Does Shakespeare succeed in subverting the perception of characters on gender?
  7. What is the role of blood in Macbeth?
  8. How do hallucinations play a role in Macbeth’s life?
  9. How is justice served in Macbeth?
  10. Why does Shakespeare use the technique of elision in Macbeth?

Clearly, being able to develop a question on Macbeth requires you to be precise and to understand the play well.



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