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Where to Go in Search of Excellent Short Narrative Essay Examples?

If you want to look for narrative essay examples that you can use for your own projects, you ought to read this article as soon as you can. This text will focus on giving you tips on where to look for short samples that can show off your story-telling prowess.

Summaries of Classic Books and Stories

Initially, you can look into summaries of your favorite books for inspiration. This will show you the patterns that you should use when writing your own narrative story. It will give you an idea as to how you can begin the exposition effectively.

In addition to this, you can also use classic stories for inspiration. The language used in these particular stories is descriptive enough to become a basis for vivid exposition writing. You can find these classic stories and books in your local library for sure.

Speech Videos

Furthermore, you can also watch videos of important people giving speeches during graduations or school programs. A speech is an example of a narrative exposition that you can use to motivate your own piece of writing.

The Web

If you want to search the web for any kind of narrative example, just make sure that you have your keywords right. Knowing the elements of a narrative essay can help you narrow down your search for sure.

Newspaper Articles

You can also look into some of the most popular newspaper articles and feature stories. Newspaper articles are straightforward and factual but also have similar elements to narrative expositions. These can be great examples of how you can write your own paragraphs in the future.


The narrative exposition is something that would be similar to short stories. This is why using these particular types of stories, as examples would be worth the effort. However, you should remember that your narrative statement should be interesting and full of life. The reader should be able to picture the events in your story within his mind. This is why true-to-life sources can work for you. Interviews with prominent people in the community can greatly serve as topics for your own narrative exposition.

By doing this, you will be able to shed light onto some of the most interesting people that the audience would otherwise not be able to meet. You will get the people an opportunity to see and get to know other individuals that may serve as role models for them eventually.


These are just some of the many essay resources that you can use to create your own narrative exposition in the future. You should definitely give it a shot because it will enrich your knowledge about writing and the human experience as well.



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