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Top 3 really workable IELTS essay writing techniques

Essay writing is an art that requires special skills. If you do not have passion for crafting of essays then do not try. Wait until you have learned the basic skills. A good student should get equipped with these three basic tips that have been elaborated below when writing an IELTS essay.

  • Prepare yourself sufficiently
    Without proper preparation, there is no way you are going to tackle that paper. You must make up your mind and be ready to face anything that comes your way.
  • Study harder
    Preparation is more than just assembling the stationary. For instance, you must equip yourself with adequate knowledge so that you are able to answer any question that an audience may think of posing. Do not forget to pen down some notes. These can be very helpful when you start developing your essay.
  • List down your points
    Listing down the points is one of the major things that most students forget to do. You do not have to read without a proper plan. Brainstorming helps you remember most of the things you have already read from the books.
  • Organize your notes
    As part of preparation, you can organize the notes you have made so that you can easily employ them in your writing. A proper organization of the points is necessary for effective writing. Each of the points has to be clear. Avoid writing anything with a controversial meaning as this may confuse you.
  • Make your work interesting
    Beauty is something that attracts everyone. The case is similar in academic writing. A catchy work attracts the reader’s mind and therefore, most people want to read your work. To make your work impressive, you have to avoid mistakes and unnecessary repetition. Make sure you have a logical flow of your details and avoid any controversy.
  • Be defensive of your points
    The main factor that determines whether your work is efficient is how good your points are and how well you explain them. Defending your points is a great idea. The first step involves searching for appropriate information and then using the points to back up your opinions about the topic.



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