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Using Free Samples for Writing an Original Essay: Pros and Cons

Internet is such a wonderful place. You can find just about anything for next to no cost to you, or even very free of cost! The problem with all this goodness is that, in the era of deepening economic crisis, you will have a hard time finding any quality stuff free. It is sort of like a mixed blessing. There are, of course, some upsides and downsides to free essay samples that you find online. Keep the following in mind when you decide to use a free essay sample:


  1. No money spent! This is quite obviously the best thing about free samples. You get what you want and you do not spend a dime, a cent, or a penny. Great
  2. Convenience: Online samples save you the time and energy you would otherwise spend calling people and visiting places. All you need to do is to perform a web search and select the sample you like.
  3. Safety: It is unlikely that a website would ask you for your credit card information while you download their free sample. This keeps sensitive information safe and secure. The most that such a service would entail is for you to register and subscribe to emails.


  1. Quality not guaranteed: A free sample does not come with any guarantees, nor can you hold anyone accountable for a poorly composed sample. It is up to you to determine whether the sample is worth being your guide in the essay writing process.
  2. Waste of time and energy: It might take some time before you find a sample essay that is really good AND free at the same time. Chances are you will spend quite a lot of time and energy looking for one. Even after doing all this effort, you cannot be certain about the sample.
  3. Frustration: Imagine spending hours trying to locate a credible source and finally liking something, only to learn that the registration requires a “small” fee! This can drive you insane.

There are some worthy advantages to a free essay sample, but it depends on the source whether the sample can be trusted. A good idea might be to locate a writing service online and discuss the possibility of getting a free sample. Even if you pay a fee for it, your time, energy, and mood will be saved.



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